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This Month’s Focus

Vitalia’s Smart Start Program offers parents practical and affordable solutions to help kick off a successful school year.  Click here for more information!

New Patients

At this time, Dr. Bassett is accepting new patients. Please contact us at 503-235-2120 or info@vitaliapdx.com to schedule an appointment.


In 2006, Dr. Marlane Bassett, naturopathic physician, created Vitalia. Fifteen years of practice has provided Dr. Bassett with evidence that naturopathic medicine on it’s own or in combination with allopathic therapies often provides the key for restoring your health. Vitalia was born from Dr. Bassett’s vision of offering a team approach to medicine, between herself and you and also through coordination of care. To ensure her recommendations for other team members are best suited for you, Dr. Bassett can take the lead and coordinate with both your medical providers and alternative medicine practitioners at Vitalia and other locations.

Areas of Expertise

• Mood disorders

  1. Weight loss

  2. Women’s health issues

  3. Low energy

  4. Insomnia

  5. Group/individual cleanses

  6. Mirena IUD fitting

  7. Nutritional intravenous therapy

See Clinic Services for a full list of our services.

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