Announcing: Supplements Online!

The convenience of ordering supplements online comes with risk:

  • Has someone packaged a product to “look” like the original?
  • Is it close to, or past expiration?
  • Has it been stored in a warehouse at an inappropriate temperature?

Now, you now have the same convenience AND assurance that your products are coming from the manufacturer.  I have partnered with NPscript to give you access to the product lines I trust.

Requirements for access are that I have had an appointment with you within the last year.  To maintain access I will need to see you twice per year.

What you can expect:

  • Free shipping with minimum purchase
  • Convenient auto-ship options
  • Easy product search
  • Doctor-trusted products delivered to your door
  • Helpful customer service and ordering by phone at 888.950.2767

New to ordering supplements?

Simple steps

  • Access
  • Create your account
  • Use the access code ‘greathealth
  • Shop for your supplements!

Need Dr. Bassett’s help?

For assistance, please call 971-724-0949.

Vitalia Health, Portland OR